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One of the biggest problems Traders face is to find out a winning strategy. you might have tried many strategies. You will keep on finding the right strategy to quench your thirst for true knowledge of technical analysis and keep learning strategies from the internet without proper back testing.

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I'm John Smith...

Everyone has his own special story and life journey.  Mine started with difficult childhood years where I had to live from home to home. Growing up was challenging as I didn’t have any support or privilege of guidance, care, or love. I had to start my lessons from the university of hard knocks from a very young age – and I am still learning.

But… life is not about HOW you start, rather – WHAT you do with it and WHERE you want to end up. I’m already in my fifties and I’m still making changes in my life; to continue learning and improving myself. I believe that when it comes to making good, positive changes – it’s never too late.

So, come and join me on this journey of finding true success (and happiness) in life – both financially and emotionally. If you are keen on starting your own internet business and are willing to learn, I will be happy to help where I can and share my experiences with you.

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Tell me honestly,

Does it make you sick when you wake up in the middle of the night to check if the price candle closed on the other side of your trade or Lose... And it did not?

You woke up in morning to enter the market for make profit, and it did not happen yet...

I know how frustrating that is! I used to do that myself years ago and what I got from this was only insomnia.

These situations make you think that the market is making fun of you. How come you catch only losing trades and always miss perfect trades?

It feels like good trades only happen when most people are not around!

Then I wondered... I have the knowledge and experience about what it takes to trade breakouts and identify perfect opportunities; How can I use it to help more traders worldwide?


We Are Here To Help You Fulfill And Reach All Of Your Trading Goals

2-3 Top Quality Signals​

Our premium client gets 3-5 top quality signals in real-time via Telegram. We give key details of every trade we take including entry price, stop loss and take profit etc. so that so you can follow exactly what we doing.

Intraday & Swing Trades​+

Our expert traders team rigorously analyzes the Forex market 24/7 searching for the best trading opportunities and provide accurate & easy to follow signals.​

Hundreds of Pips Every Day

We use a number of trading strategies and each strategy is specially tailored to different market conditions. Our target is achieving significant amount of pips every week for so that our clients can profit regardless of their account size.

Telegram Live alerts

Whenever a trade is entered on our account, you will automatically receive a notification on Telegram with all the key details; entry price, stop loss and take profit etc. We also have series of videos explaining exactly how our Forex signals work and what you need to do to follow them.​

Let's Get Started!

Stop everything and imagine…

  • Having time to enjoy time with your family and friends...

  • Not having to pay account management or consultation fees to other traders...

  • ​​Not worrying about missing opportunities because you have other social commitments...

  • ​​And having all the time, freedom, and flexibility in your life; finally living the life you wanted...

  • So Don’t Be Hard On Yourself…

    As I Know “Making Money Online” Can Appear:

    I've helped 1.2K people 6 figures in 90 days, with up to $5,000 in Monthly Income.

    • Hard...

    • Confusing...

    • Overwhelming…

    And not making money, whilst everyone else flaunts their results is:

  • Painful...

  • Depressing..

  • Gut-Wrenching...

  • That’s why I am writing this letter to you…  To help you overcome this problem so you too can succeed...

    Why Are You Still Stuck On The

    9 - 5 Hamster Wheel?

         (Let Me Help You Break-Free...)

             Well, There’s Tons Of Reasons:

  • Bad Products…

  • Shiny Objects…

  • Lack Of Support…

  • Scams

  • Poor Training…

  • Buggy Software…

  • But it doesn’t stop there…

  • Hundreds Of Emails Daily...

  • Being Pulled In Different Directions…

  • No Support From Family…

  • So it’s no wonder you’re stuck when you have so many things holding you back...

    Over +$2.000.000 PROFIT or Our VIP Members in 2022!

    Whether you're an experienced trader or just new to the business.

    We at Hit Pips are here to help and guide you to more wealth and freedom in the coming months and years. We have an average growth of 2-3% per day as you can see below in the Picture!

    Why We Are The Best Forex Signal Provider

    The clients copy and paste the details into their trading platform from their phones and we make money together.

    ✅USD/CAD Daily Chart Sell 

    Entry : 1.2668
    Take Profit : 1.2633 / 1.2606
    Stop Loss : 1.2728

    👉USD/CAD August Signal : 120 Pips Return

    ✅GBPJPY 1h Chart Sell

    Entry : 151.80
    Take Profit : 151.44/ 151.10 / 150.65
    Stop Loss : 152.30

    👉GBP/JPY Sep + Aug Signal : 410 Pips Return

    ✅ EURAUD 4H Chart Sell

    Entry: 1.6055
    Stop loss: 1.6205
    Take Profit: 1.6140 / 1.6090 / 1.6040

    👉EURAUD Aug Trades : 150 Pips Return

    ✅EUR/GBP 4H Chart Buy

    Entry : 0.8616
    Take Profit : 0.8631 / 0.8656
    Stop : 0.8582

    👉EUR/GBP September Signals : 2/2 Won

    ✅ EUR/JPY 1H Chart SELL

    Entry at 128.90

    Take Profit : 128.68 / 128.45 / 128.30

    Stop Loss 129.30

    👉EUR/JPY September Signals : 3/3 Won

    ✅USD/CHF 1D Chart Sell 

    Entry : 0.9240
    Stop : 0.9276
    Take Profit : 0.9221 / 0.9191 / 0.9155

    👉USD/CHF September Signals : 3/3 Won

    The Best Trading Signals For Trader

    Imagine Payments Pouring In

    Whilst You!

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    We experience dozens of payments pouring 

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    Here's Why You Need This Product

    Receive A Signal 

    As soon as we got the best signals we will share those in our Discord group. The amount of our signals varies per day. Every day the forex market response different depending on many factors. We are looking and focus on profitable signals. We prefer to provide you the best signals. This is why the signals can be given at different times of the day.

    Place The Signal

    As soon as you have received our signal, the only thing you have to do is copy that signal and paste on your MT4

    (our recommended trading platform) and perform the trade.

    Waiting For The Profit

    After you have placed the trading signal it is time to relax. There is nothing more you should do from that moment, it's just a matter of time. The trade will automatically close as soon it hit the target point. Then you Take Profit. We sent our signals to our Discord group that's free to download in the app stores.

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